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5G Broadcasting

Broadcast Antennas Enhance Use of 5G Broadcast for Radio and TV
Films and radio free of charge in top quality, wherever you are – even without a mobile network. This is what consumers want in times of mobility and digitalisation. 5G will soon bring this up to a new level. As a specialist in communications technology, we use future-proof 5G technology to create added value for free for everyone – for radio and television. 

Various studies have shown that our 5G Today research project and our cooperation with strong partners have put us on the right track. Even young internet-savvy people have a high interest in media content, e.g. from public television and radio. Kathrein employs powerful broadcast antennas in the 5G Today research project and supports a plan that will make 5G Broadcast available free of charge to everybody in the future, wherever they are. Provided that the end device is designed for this technology.

Only the best audio and visual content for consumers – more quality for broadcasting companies
If you, as a radio or TV broadcaster, want to offer your customers the best possible reception quality even in remote regions, you are making a good and future-oriented choice using 5G and proven high-performance Kathrein broadcast antennas. As communications experts, we rely on a state-of-the-art technology mix that will enable you to offer even more efficient large-screen TV broadcasts in broadcast mode in future. 

The most important feature of 5G: Data transmission is no longer IP-based, but via broadcast. Together with the other participants in the 5G Today project, we offer you a know-how you can benefit from for transmitting your TV or radio signals to your customers in top quality and without limitations. In Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world. Simply anywhere where the quality of life can be improved by first-class television and radio reception. Especially for regions that have so far been unable to benefit from many of the technical achievements of the early 21st century, be it due to their infrastructure or lack of satellite or cable links. 

The 5G Broadcast technology uses a process named FeMBMS (Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service). As a TV or radio broadcaster, this standard gives you the full spectrum of High Power High Tower (HPHT) applications in downlink-only mode for the first time. By employing 5G, you lay the foundation to provide your customers with full signal bandwidth for multicast/broadcast and make your channels available to everyone without encryption or SIM cards. Our established and future-proof broadcast antennas guarantee powerful signal transmission in common-wave broadcasting and stand for resource-saving frequency utilisation. 

5G Broadcast relieves your networks

Another benefit: 5G Broadcast relieves your networks, which often reach their limits at major events such as the FIFA World Cup. A look at the ZDF (a German public TV broadcaster) shows: At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the TV station reported that it streamed an impressive total data rate of 5,200 gigabits per second during the German team’s last match. 

In view of the fact that society is becoming increasingly mobile and that more and more people want to use high-quality TV and radio free of charge on the move, 5G Broadcast will open up completely new possibilities for you as a radio or TV broadcaster. 

Another strong argument in favour of 5G: The cost-intensive laying of new, additional fibre optic cables could be eliminated in the long term, as 5G transmits the signals without cables.
Relief of the technical infrastructure for network operators and mobile phone providers
5G and Kathrein broadcast antennas also open up new horizons for mobile network operators and technology companies worldwide. Currently, there are almost 75,000 mobile radio sites in Germany which you can use to provide coverage via commercial GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. The number of mobile base stations is significantly higher, as you probably also share several base stations in different frequency ranges with other network operators in many places.

According to statistics, 57 million people in Germany alone use a smartphone that is operated via one of your networks. What your customers want is to send lots of mobile data such as emails or messages and stream media. In future, you will have to handle significantly larger amounts of data in order to provide high-quality films or music in top quality via your networks. 

The consequence: You already need a flexible network architecture today that can be dynamically adapted to user behaviour in the long term. 5G will make a difference. For example at neuralgic hotspots such as railway stations, parks or event halls. Thanks to 5G Broadcast, you as a network operator will in future be able to deliver the highest data quality to all customers via broadcast antennas. The technically complex and cost-intensive updating of your own infrastructure will be significantly reduced – while at the same time providing better service for your industrial and private customers.

All in all, Kathrein broadcast antennas in combination with 5G Broadcast can upgrade your existing mobile radio facilities and network technologies. For you as a network operator, this ensures quality, which leads to more customer satisfaction and at best results in consolidated and long-lasting customer loyalty. 

We support 5G Broadcast with powerful broadcast antennas

We support 5G Broadcast with powerful broadcast antennas because we see a need to combine existing networks having different characteristics of different network layers to a meaningful whole. And because, as a communications expert and established manufacturer of broadcast antennas, our 5G Broadcast goal is to provide every user and application with what they need. In future, all large technology companies will have to focus on the topic of connectivity. For you as a mobile network operator, this includes smart home concepts on the one hand, but also the networking of digital factories or the supply of connected cars on the other.

5G enables the combination of established know-how to best serve industrial customers and private households and to offer them individually tailored services. Stable and of the highest quality – in conurbations, as well as in rural regions, in Europe, but also in the rest of the world. We are convinced that 5G already has the technical potential today to provide several billion mobile customers with high-quality TV and radio signals on several billion terminals. 

What is more: Our aim is to combine existing know-how from all industries and to help shape the digital transformation in order to not only transmit real-time TV or radio, but also use media centres. 
5G as innovation driver for the electronics industry
Keyword technology. 5G enables future-oriented transmission options that also open up new markets for electronics companies. Once the 5G Broadcast test phase has been successfully completed, the global roll-out will start. Then new tablet computers, smartphones and other innovative devices will be needed to enjoy high-quality media content almost anywhere and for free. As a provider of reliable and established broadcast antennas and communications expert, our goal is to help shape the digital future.

For us the sensible combination of established resources and new technologies is an essential component to be able to use data streams even more efficiently in the future – our participation in the 5G Today project confirms this attitude.